Stowe’s Independent Services, LLC provides licensed plumbers to service and install plumbing products for residential, multi-housing, and commercial customers.

We use Flat rate pricing or time and material depending on which will be a better value for our customer. This works well for our customers who appreciate knowing the scope of work and a price.

We routinely pressure test gas lines to isolate any area in need of repair. Once found, our technicians will always proceed an estimate before any re-route or re-run of gas lines.

We commonly repair and replace under slab sewer lines that have broken, worn out, collapsed or are holding water.

We can reroute sewer lines to minimize the cost of repair. Our crews are efficient at tunneling under a structure to make repairs. Many older properties have old cast iron or concrete sewer lines that can be replaced with heavy duty schedule 40 PVC piping.

We install faucets, sinks, disposals, water filters, gas lines, water heaters, tubs, toilets and much more.

If you have already purchased your fixtures or products, we can provide an estimate for installation.

Stowes Independent Serivce LLC staff also provides professional backflow certification; please call our office for details.



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